Christie Lamps

Christie cinema lamps light up screens around the world, and help you give your patrons the best cinema experience. To get a true representation of color in any professional environment, you need a truly remarkable light source. Christie's CXL lamps offer stable color and temperature and a wide range of power levels. Christie lamps are backed by the best warranty in the business.


Lamps Watt Xenon Lamp
CXL-10 1,000
CXL-10S 1,000
CXL-10SC 1,000
CXL-1600A 1,600
CXL-16S 1,600
CXL-16SC 1,600
CXL-20 2,000
CXL-20R 2,000
CXL-20SC 2,000
CXL-25 2,500
CXL-2500LC 2,500
CXL-25SC 2,500
CXL-30 3,000
CXL-30R 3,000
CXL-30SC 3,000
CXL-40 4,000
CXL-40SC 4,000
CXL-4200A 4,200
CXL-45 4,500
CXL-50SC 5,000
CXL-60 6,000
CXL-60SC 6,000
CXL-70 7,000
CXL-70SC 7,000


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