Xenon short-arc lamps boast a spectrum that is closer to natural sunlight than that of any other artificial light source. USHIO became the first in the world to develop a xenon short-arc lamp exclusively for large scale, theater-use movie projectors. USHIO's new DXL series of Xenon lamps provide high stability, high reliability and are officially approved for use in all brands of digital cinema projectors.


Barco Series I Projector Barco Series II Projector Ushio Ordering Code Ushio Lamp Desc Wattage 100% Warranty Hours Barco Adapter Cathode/Anode Part#
DP-1200/1500/2000 DP2K/DP4K-12C/15C/19B/20C/23B, DP2K-10Sx 5002117 DXL-12BAF 1200 3000 Adapter not necessary
DP2K-10Sx 5002323 DXL-16BAF 1600 3000 Adapter not necessary
DP-2000/1500 DP2K/DP4K-12C/15C/19B/20C/23B, DP2K-10Sx 5002263 DXL-20BAF/L* 2000 3200 Adapter not necessary
DP2K-10Sx 5002324 DXL-22BAF 2200 1500 Adapter not necessary
DP-3000/100/90 DP2K/DP4K-32B 5002264 DXL-30BA/L* 3000 1900 R859984K/R859985K
DP-2000/1500 DP2K/DP4K-15C/19B/20C/23B 5002252 DXL-30BAF/L* 2800 1700 R858100
DP-2000/1500 DP2K/DP4K-15C/19B/20C/23B 5002388 DXL-40BAF/L* 4200 1300 R858100
DP-3000/100/90 DP2K/DP4K-32B 5002265 DXL-45BA/L* 4500 1300 R8436111K
DP-3000/100/90 DP2K/DP4K-32B 5002266 DXL-60BA2/L* 6000 800 R8436111K
DP-3000/100/90 DP2K/DP4K-32B 5002294 DXL-65BA2 6500 500 R8436111K
DP2K/DP4K-32B 5002239 DXL-70BA 7000 300 -


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