• Small 2K DLP Barco Alchemy
    DP2K-8S / DP2K-10S
  • Compact 2K DLP Barco Alchemy
    DP2K-12C / DP2K-15C / DP2K-20C
  • Ultra-Bright 2K DLP Barco Alchemy
    DP2K-19B / DP2K-23B / DP2K-32B
  • Ultra-Bright 4K DLP Barco Alchemy
    DP4K-23B / DP4K-32B
  • Série L Premium Large Screens
    DP4K-60L / DP4K-45L
  • Série L Premium Mid Size Screens


With more than 65,000 projectors in the field, Barco is the market share leader in xenon digital cinema projection. We provide the widest portfolio of lamp-based digital cinema projectors in the industry, comprising 2K and 4K projectors with a Xenon or UHP light source. These projectors excel in quality, modularity, and ease of use. This projector range is designed for cinema screens starting from 4m (13ft) wide.