Santa Clara Seatings

Meeting the most demanding requirements of comfort and durability, the entire line of Santa Clara seatings has an admirable ergonomics, within the Brazilian Standards of Technical Norms. We also have a self-retracting seat folding by gravity system, thus avoiding constant maintenance and noise. We use foams injected in polyurethane anti-flame, giving greater durability to the product. We treat all our metal components especially and carefully choose our coatings and reinforce them with dubbing so that they never sag in the seams, in order to a final product of the highest quality. In addition to the design and comfort of the factory models, you can customize them by choosing the type of back, arm, sides, numbering, logo embroidery and more.


Santa Clara Seatings began its activities in 1980, in the neighborhood that originated its name, where until today it maintains its office of attendance. A history marked by the evolution of the company and the credibility gained over these years of intense work.
Our factory is located in the interior of the state of São Paulo, in the city of Santa Isabel, with 180,000m², 17,000m² of built area, 12 production sheds, a movie theater and our ShowRoom.
We strive to be in tune with the demands of the market and bring to our customers the best in quality and technology. Our products meet the most demanding requirements of comfort and durability. We use foams injected with polyurethane anti-flames and we work within the Brazilian standards of Technical Norms, providing safety and greater durability of the product.