Barco 3D Sound Auro 11.1

Engage your audiences in natural, immersive sound with the new Auro 11.1. Maximize your revenues with a premium acoustical experience. Auro 11.1 is compatible with existing standards and workflows. It offers a path to an open standard for immersive sound.

How does processing in Auro 11.1 work?

The Auro 11.1 technological suite contains all the necessary tools to create content in immersive sound. The Auro codec offers bandwith reduction by creative mixing and unmixing of multiple channels while remaining in the uncompressed PCM domain. Auro 11.1 is backwards compatible with surround 5.1 and 7.1 thanks to the Auro codec.

The Auro 11.1 Decoder

The Auro 11.1 decoder is a 100% firmware based solution compatible with the most commonly used media block technologies on the market today. Currently available for the Doremi-branded cinema servers and IMBs.

AP243D audio processor

Co-developed by industry leaders in cinema audio processing technology, the AP243D audio processor makes it possible to seamlessly switch from normal 5.1 playback to the 11.1 format, either automatically or at the push of a button.


As you can see in the soundfield diagram above, Auro 11.1 adds two additional layers of sound to the existing 5.1 surround sound layer. The Auro 11.1 format incorporates a unique height and overhead channel which allow for natural lifelike sound with sound waves coming from every direction, just like they do in real life. In this way, Auro 11.1 creates the most realistic and natural immersive audio experience.